Our Theory of Change : WLTC believes that we can achieve our dreams of changing the structures of inequality by building leadership through the 4 connected areas of:

# Leadership Building # Collectivisation

#Knowledge Production #Advocacy and Awareness Creation

Areas of Work : Work for rights and equality encompasses all spheres of life and society. WLTC works towards holistic change that encompasses the private and the public and recognises the connection between human beings, nature and its resources. Our themtic areas of work are:

  1. Women’s Human Rights

  2. Gender and Sexuality

  3. Climate Change

  4. Art, culture, social action

  5. Participation in governance and politics

Leadership Building:

  • Workshops

  • Support to leadership action


  • Support community based collectives

  • Create platforms for participation and sharing

  • Join networks on thematic areas

Knowledge Production:

  • Feminist Participatory Action Research

  • Research Publications

  • Publicity Materials

Advocacy and Awareness Creation

  • Share information with communities and groups

  • Participate and inform policy discussions