covid19 response and support barpeta

Covid-19 Response with Food Support: Barpeta, 5 July, 2020.

It is one thing after the other for the poor in the char areas of Barpeta. First, they lost farm produce and jobs in the first phase of lockdown in March and April. Their regular paddy cultivation for delayed due to the lockdown in May. And just as they have completed the late sowing in June, the flood has come in and taken away their fields and home.

We at WLTC have been working for education and leadership building of adolescent girls in the area. In this crisis, we had to reach out to the community. Our field coordinator and woman leader Manjuwara Mullah coordinated the entire process of procurement, selection and distribution of ration to the most vulnerable population. This was done with support from volunteers from Parag Das Char Library. We are thankful to Azim Premji Philanthropy Initiative, Parag Das Char Library and every individual who has helped us in the process.

We also acknowledge the tremulous energy and commitment of Manjuwara and our collective of women leaders who despite the pandemic, lockdown and their domestic responsibilities manage to do so much for the community. We thank Kazi Neel for the photos.