baghjan relief support

Updates on Baghjan Relief Support from Purba Bharati Educational Trust, Jorhat and Women's Leadership Training Centre, Guwahati, 15th June, 2020.

A big thank you to all of you for your contribution to our work. Apart from individual donors a number of organisations and businesses extended their support too.

Purba Bharati Educational Trust completed the Baghjan support work today 15th June 2020.

We distributed:

  1. 1815 panties for girls and women

  2. 748 packets of sanitary napkins.

  3. 500 packets of Amul Milk (200 ml) and

  4. 150 kg of Pithaguri for babies

  5. Soaps were given in some camps

  6. Used clothes in clean and good condition were given in 6 camps. People in 2 camps did not want used clothes.

The materials were distributed in the following camps:

  1. Rupai Tea Garden Primary school

  2. Baghjan M.E School and Baghjan Jatia Bidyalay

  3. Nagamati Primary school

  4. Palang Line Primary school and M.E School

  5. Bandorkhati High school

  6. Baghjan Tea Estate 8 no line and Churches relief Camp

  7. Baghjan Tea Estate 7 no line 2 no Primary School

The following organisations and individuals supported us in the distribution work.

  1. Childline

  2. Asha Workers

  3. Anganwadi Workers

  4. Milonjyoti Yub Shangha

  5. All Assam Tea Tribes Student Association (AATTSA)

  6. All Adivasi Student Association of Assam (AASAA)

  7. Neheru Yuba Kendra

  8. Moran Student Association

  9. Satro Samaj Jorhat

  10. Chatro Mukti Sangram Samiti Jorhat

  11. Members of local communities

This needs to be mentioned that the support work was initiated when people we know from the area called us saying the women need clothes and pads. We thought of putting up the Facebook call as our own available resources were not enough to reach out to so many people. As we progressed, we also received calls for baby food.

Here is an approximate financial statement till now.

Total donations received: Rs. 158283 + contribution from PBET and WLTC Rs. 20000=


  • Expense: Rs.148426 (total)

  • Panties (for women and girls): Rs. 87952

  • Amul Milk and pithaguri (for babies): Rs.13494

  • Sanitary pads: Rs. 22080

  • Transport (from guwahti to Jorhat and Jorhat to Bagjan): Rs. 24900

  • Remaining: Rs. 29, 857

The remaining amount will be given to the organisers in Guijan camp to purchase goods for

people. Due to lack of time and resources we could not go to Guijan camp.

The final expense statement will be shared within a week.

We would like to mention that the entire operation from call, procurement and distribution was handled by a team of 10 women and 2 men from PBET and WLTC in Jorhat and Guwahati.

With this we close our support work in Baghjan. Please do not transfer any donations to our

account further for this purpose.

We thank everybody once more.