adolescents training program

Adolescents Training Program: An Initiative by WLTC

On 30th November, 2020, WLTC started with the initiative of sensitizing young adolescents on gender. The sessions have been planned across three days entailing basics on sex and gender, identities, gender stereotypes, gender discrimination, reproductive rights, equality, equity and decision-making strategies. The main objective behind these sessions is to make the young minds think and observe critically the environment around them. The sessions aim to make them examine their beliefs and question the ‘realities’ they live in, and how they can contribute to make little changes in what they believe is unfair to them or someone they know. It is known that change doesn’t come in an instant, it takes time. Especially when we dream of an equal and just world, we have to be patient and celebrate the little victories that come along. The training sessions aim to sow the seeds of this change from these smaller minds in order to bring the equal and just world of our dream to reality, a few years from now

The training program consists of six modules, each comprising a different set of activities. The activities include, listing characteristics which are specific to men/boys and women/girls, mandala drawing where the participants have to highlight four main aspects of their lives:

  1. Who do I think I am, what do I like and dislike

  2. What does my family think about me?

  3. How does my community see me?

  4. What I want from life?

Reflecting on the time geography shared by men and women of the participants households, drawing a list of specific things that a woman experiences during different phases of her life and lastly screening of videos which put forth ideas of equality and equity. These activities allow the participants to reflect into their personal lives and bring forth their worldview with regard to gender.